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Columela Food Trucks

The central axis of COLUMELA is the kitchen and it is aimed at anyone who wants to come and enjoy traditional, sustainable and quality food. COLUMELA services has a Citroën HY 1947 food truck equipped with a professional kitchen and completed with the L17 Rustic Food fleet. The food truck is an extension of the restaurant, providing an excellent solution in an efficient way. Welcome to Columela Food Trucks

Valle Romano

COLUMELA was born with an organic menu of KM0 products, that is, high-quality local products. We have a menu that has KM0 products, which turn out to be seasonal and local, enforcing great sustainability, without plastics and zero waste.

The gastronomic concept of Columela in its food truck is an extension of the restaurant, but quickly and organically providing high-quality solutions to golf players at the foot of the course and to the general public for events. Under the premises of finger food, it will offer hamburgers, hotdogs and organic vegan options and totally handmade; as well as dishes with seasonal fruit and salads. Fulfilling the parameters of sustainability with plastic and zero waste.

The ideal place to enjoy a nice meal while enjoying the wonderful views.

Estepona | Costa del Sol


Valle Romano golf players, family members, general public at events, etc. Everyone is invited to discover the new concept of COLUMELA in Valle Romano. Since its creation in 2010, Valle Romano’s desire to satisfy the needs of golf players and those interested in participating in events has not stopped growing. 18-hole golf course, golf shop, golf school, multiple activities and events, Club House, and now also the incorporation of COLUMELA & Columela Food Trucks.

¿What services can we offer? Restaurant

· Delivery Food truck

· Corporate and family events

· Gastronomic studies