Valle Romano Golfers’ Choice de Leading Courses

Since 2013 Leading Courses has published the Golfers’ Choice Rankings, a list of the Best Golf Courses in Europe and beyond. The rankings are 100 based on reviews and ratings given by actual golfers, making them the most transparent rankings in the world of golf.
There are many rankings of golf clubs, often created by experts, or a so-called expert. Some rankings are superior, others not as much; however, in all scenarios, those rankings are established by just a number of persons exactly who decide for anyone different. When an expert loves a golf club and ranks it greater, it doesn’t necessarily must be the case for your average golfer.
8 years ago, we began basing our top 100 rankings based on the opinion of golfers who have played these courses. Essentially, it’s our ranking. Who better to count clubhouses or golf courses than the ones who have actually enjoyed the match firsthand?
When a golfer reviews a golf club, they give a numerical rating for the following categories: general impression, golf course maintenance facilities, clubhouse, value for money, hospitality, surroundings, and current restaurant.
General Impression
The Golf Course
Value for money
Restaurant (new)
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